Nissan IDS Concept Brings EV and Autonomous Driving Tech Together

January 10th, 2017 by


In recent years, the new Nissan lineup has been inundated with all-electric models like the Nissan LEAF and high-tech advancements forward collision warning and mitigation safety. The Nissan IDS Concept brings some of these technologies while pointing toward the future with an innovative design concept and integrated self-driving technologies. Here’s what we know so far.

Electric Performance

The Nissan IDS Concept is powered by a 60-kWh battery, and its design emphasizes elegance, efficiency, and convenience at every curve. The hatchback body style is made up of lightweight carbon-fiber, while the ultra-thin low rolling resistance tires have been positioned to improve air flow and provide more room for passengers in the cabin. The result is a zero emissions vehicle that can go for longer.

Self-Driving Cabin Experience

The Nissan IDS uses a variety of advanced sensors and cameras to autonomously get to your destination. In fact, when you get inside, all you must do is put your destination into the navigation system and the Nissan IDS Concept takes you where you need to go. Out on the road, the vehicle hides the steering wheel inside the instrument panel and adjusts the seats to make an ideal conversation experience for all four passengers. When you want control of the steering wheel, simply plug in Manual Drive and it will reappear.

Advanced Safety

On top of all the advanced self-driving features that help make this car such a safe ride, it has also been designed to help people outside the vehicle as well. On the vehicle’s sides, you’ll see an LED line that shines white to let pedestrians and bikers know that it recognizes them, and it even sends out a flashing message to let them know that they can pass.

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The Nissan IDS brings a host of exciting new technologies together in a single package, and while it might not yet be available it points the way to the future while also highlighting some of the most exciting elements of today’s Nissan lineup. Find a fuel-efficient and high-tech Nissan to finance at Puyallup Nissan today. We’re located just 10 miles east of Tacoma and 7 miles west of Bonney Lake at 101 Valley Ave NW in Puyallup,WA. Contact us for more information today!

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