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HOW TO BUY A CAR ONLINE AT Bill Korum's Puyallup Nissan


EASY AUTO PASS is our solution for the modern car shopper in the Puget Sound area. Save time by filling out the majority of your paperwork and forms online, from the comfort of your own home.

How to use EASY AUTO PASS?

Wondering how to get the ball rolling on buying your car online? It’s simple. Pick your vehicle, click on the green “Buy Online Now”, and begin personalizing the details:

  • Lease, finance or cash options
  • Your financing rate
  • Down payment
  • Monthly payments
  • Value your trade vehicle, if you have one
  • Submit your credit application
  • Even scan in documents such as your drivers’ license and other


You can even schedule your test drive online. Come to us, or ask us to bring the vehicle to you to test drive at your convenience.

The best part is you have the ability to work out the details online, while still having a dedicated specialist to stay connected with after the purchase. If you have any questions while you work on your details, you can ask us that question by either calling us or chatting with our specialists online.

The bottom line: the more you submit to us through EASY AUTO PASS, the less time you will have to spend in the dealership.

What makes EASY AUTO PASS different?

You’ll still have a personal contact. You can do as much or as little online. And then work with us for anything you need, be that delivery to your home or workplace, etc. We are wanting to change the car-buying experience for our customers.

Can I buy new or used with EASY AUTO PASS?

You can buy any vehicle you want. EASY AUTO PASS is tailored to help fit your needs, whatever that looks like.

Our integrity to sell the best used vehicles isn’t changing. Many online retailers like Carvana sell used cars, but they do not make sure they are the best used vehicles. They inspect, they change the oil, and promise no issues. We are different. We are dedicated to the process of reconditioning almost every single one of our used vehicles. This means we do more than inspect; we fix issues. We put new tires on when needed. We take care of that 20,000 mile service. We want you to drive away and be happy, not be faced with any issues a few weeks or month down the road.

We are so dedicated to this process that we are willing to show you exactly what we have done on each vehicle. We believe this adds value and transparency in the process of buying a used vehicle.


Are you ready to find your next vehicle?

Then what are you waiting for… let’s get started!

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